CarJoying How to connect or pair ODB2 Bluetooth for android head unit

How to Change Themes on the Torque application Head Unit CARJOYING

also this end of install head unit video

We tested our head units just support connect ELM327 OBD2 diagnostic scanner.
Firstly, you need have or buy ELM327 OBD2 diagnostic scanner. You should to turn off your car stereo, then put it on your car OBD2 port.
Turn on the car radio, open the Bluetooth, the Bluetooth password is 1234, you maybe need input it to pair. Click search button, please be patient wait until the head unit appear OBDll and you will get the code like 00195D24E54A. Every OBD2 code is different. Press the icon to connect, then OBDll icon will display taskbar.

Then open the OEM install this app torque.apk. Open the settings, Choose the OBD2 adaptor settings, make sure connect type is Bluetooth, then select Bluetooth code like 00:19:5D:24:E5:4A ,
click it. If the car icon is flashing, please exit it, then turn on.

Oldřich feedback to us:

I found the problem. There is software limitation. Joying accept as OBD2 devices only devices with name: OBD or OBD2. I found, that I am able to pair OBD2 adapter with appropriate name. But I am unable to pair OBD2 adapter with commonly used name CHX. Other android devices has no problem.Please, ask developers to add support for this name of OBD2 adapter. Name: CHX .Why is so important? some applications, like DashCommand works only with the specific OBD2 adapters (CHX in BT name).

We will update this later in the future for CHX in BT name.

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