Learn how to connect the steering wheel controls on Joying car stereo android head unit GPS navigation?

The Android 4.4.4 head unit as following:

If your car have or support canbus like VW, Opel, Ford. You have to connect the canbus box. For VW, the steering wheel control can be use, you don't to set any in the settings steering wheel buttons. Joying VW car stereo steering wheel buttons is fixed, you just use the left four buttons to control the Joying VW head unit, other four buttons on your steering wheel is control your original car center dash. The VW steering wheel buttons can not be changed.

If you purchase the Double din, Toyota, Nissanand other car brand, also include the VW can not support canbus, so you need to learning and set the steering wheel buttons. And you have to find your original car steering wheel wire, then connect our head unit steering wheel wire Key1 or Key2 or Key1 and Key2, must connect the GND(groud)wire.

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The Android 5.1.1 head unit as following:

If your car support canbus, you only need to connect the canbus box and then the canbus box will decode your car steering wheel buttons. So you needn't to learn this.

If your car doesn't support canbus and has not Joying special harness, then you need to purchase Joying ISO harness. And then find your original car steering wheel control wire connect to the Joying ISO steering wheel control harness Key1 or Key2 or Key1 and Key2. Must to connect the GND(ground)wire.

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Игорь feedback to us his Subaru Outback 2008 have two two cables from his car steering wheel. One cable I connect to key2 and second connect to android ground. Then have it worked!

For 2012 Silverado LT CC steering wheel controls, please check this page https://forum.carjoying.com/thread-123-2012-silverado-axxess-444-swc-fixed.html

Metra AXXESS ASWC-1 unit in my 2012 Silverado https://youtu.be/qS0JR_lmBuo

For PAC adaptor work on 1999 Trans Am WS6 https://youtu.be/45t9-meX5qY

For Honda Accord Tourer (2009) check this video https://youtu.be/t25F8CNAKu8

1234qwerasdfzxcv feedback to us: all Renault drivers. To make my Laguna 2 ph2.MK2 (year 2006) steering wheel control to work i used this CAN connector. I tried some tricks, but not other way to make it work Sad.

yes i got and instaled CTSRN005.2 and it is working very good! 2001 -2007 Renault Laguna II - steering wheel Radio Control Stalk 7701049643 - 34442201AD / 34442201AF 6 pin.

If your car have CAN, i advice you please buy the connects2.co.uk or dynamicsounds.co.uk canbus box with ISO harness, it plug and play on Joying double din or single din harness, all will be work.

For steering wheel problem please check this Joying forum https://forum.carjoying.com/thread-18-learning-steering-wheel-control-for-joying-car-stereo.html

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