Car Android Dvd Installed On 2008 TOYOTA AYGO 

Installing experience feedback from Habib Abdoul :


Few days ago i received and I installed my new android unit (DE-JY-UL135N2) in my car : toyota aygo android car radio please watch the result on attached photo 1 and 2.

You can post theses photos on your Joying facebook wall. (Attached photos 1 and 2)

Everything is working fine.


android car stereo for  2008 TOYOTA AYGO

android car stereo for 2008 TOYOTA AYGO

1) Following is the android 5.1 car stereo ( JY-UL135N2 ) that I purchased .

android car stereo for Seat Ibiza 2003

2) Please find the link below for the double din dash kit :

I bought it on Ebay from a German seller.

The Joying radio unit is fixed on the dash kit 2 Din bought on Ebay thanks to 6 screws on each internal side of the dash kit. And it doesn't move after installation.

To install the Joying android car unit on the Toyota Aygo you must cut a part of the plastic behind the dash board. This plastic was there to maintain the old radio unit (1 Din). After remove this plastic you will able to install the 2 Din Android radio unit.

For connection I used the ready made ISO connector that you provide with the radio unit. And for antenna I use an adaptator.

android car stereo for 2008 TOYOTA AYGO



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