How to know what is your Consume Rights and Interests During Warranty?

1.We offer 2 years (which starts from the day when the parcel is sent ) warranty to all our Joying products, including technology support, operating suggestion and repair service. We recommend our customers contact us for a professional suggestion when have issues of installation.

2. For repair part: Within 2 years, we offer free repair component, but buyer need to pay the shipping cost both way, also need to deposit payment (We will send the new component to you prior, and after we receive the old component part from you, we will refund you deposit). Over 2 years, all at buyer cost included repair component and shipping cost (because for 2 years using, machine components are wear and tear, the lifetime is short, useless to us) and shipping fee both way.

3.Joying will always here offer good service for Joying customers. No matter your head unit during warranty or exceed warranty, we will do our best to provide technology support. We will open-minded in listening.

4. Over 30 days but within fine year:
Return or exchange is not allow any more. But we agree to repair for all issues of unit and the buyer need to pay the shipping fees(No matter when you have issues of your unit, please feel free to contact us ).


What will make the item's warranty become invalid?

1.We do not offer warranty or support for products not bought from Joying.

2.The user upgrade the firmware of a device, or open the body in an attempt to fix issues by self without contact Joying customer service, or uses the device in a way that is not considered as normal use. (Condition such as accidental breakage, misuse or wear and tear)
Note: Exceptions do not mean we are leaving you alone. If your car radio bought from Joying is broken/damaged by accident, we will help you fix the problem once you feedback it to us, but for the whole shipping and fixing fees at your cost. If your car radio appears to have a issue, please kindly talk to us before you plan to open Paypal Dispute. We believe we can resolve your issue quickly and meet your satisfaction!


How to do with the Return for a Refund or Replacement?

After you report the problem to Joying customer service, you should send out the package in 7 days after RMA is given. If you don’t, it is means that you accept the problem. If you report the problem again or other problem later, we will count all warranty things by the new date you report.

Within 30 days for return or exchange because of our products quality or mistaken delivery (You are free of the shipping fee for a replacement.
a. Within 7 days for refund or exchange: Customers need to pay first to send the unit back according to Joying requested. We offer a maximum payout of $20 for the freight compensation. We will refund the cost of your original payment or exchanging other models after we receive the package and complete the condition check including accessories.

b. Within 30 days but over 7 days, for return or exchange: Customers need to pay to send the unit back as requested (RMA). We will check the unit's condition including accessories before refunding the total amount of your original cost or exchange another model you asked for.

c. For small defect: If it is small defect not influence the using, we suggest you not to return or exchange so as to saving the cost both of us. We can offer some compensation under our agreement.

Within 30 days for return or exchange by buyers subjective reason:
In such case, no matter return for exchange or refund, the buyer is responsible for all further shipping fees.

a. Within 7 days, if you return for refund, unfortunately, we charge a 20% restocking fee for return, meaning the entire cost of purchase cannot be fully refund. And if you want to exchange items, a 15% of restocking fee will be charge for exchange.
b. Within 30 days but over 7 days, if you return for refund, we are going to charge a 25% restocking fee. And if you want to exchange items, 20% of your original payment will be charged as restocking fee.
Kindly Remind: Customers can place another new order for the one which you want to exchange while prior one is on its way back. We will proceed your new order priority. When we receive the prior one, we will refund you the money as agreed, not include all further shipping fees.


How to identify if you received a wrong item?

There are some objective reasons for the slight difference on appearance, such as photography technology, light, the random update of unit by the factory, etc. These are not taken as mistaken delivery.

a. If the functions of the unit are more than what you buy, or if the brochure has a few differences from what you receive, but the unit has the same functions as the description on the website, it doesn't belong to mistaken delivery. This kind of problem is probably exist because the factory doesn't update the brochure promptly. Description on the website is the for the standard only.
b. If you pretty sure you receive the wrong item, it is Joying fault. Please report this to joying customer service the same day you signed for.

Kindly Note: If there is some products are taken as randomly shipping, and you don't specify your order, we will send your parcel randomly according to our stock. It will not become mistaken delivery like such cases. Or if some expected functions are not included and you don't ask us any question about those functions before you buy, it isn't in the range of mistaken delivery.

How to confirm and solve if your item is defective?

In most of the cases, items maybe defective due to misuse or a lack of installation knowledge. We recommend our customers to look for professional assistance before installation. We will not responsible for any fault due to improper use or installation. If there is any questions during the installation or the use, please feel free to contact us. With over 12 years in professional auto parts industry, we can offer the best technical support. Some pictures or videos about the problem will be very helpful for saving time both of us..

(1) Joying test each android car unit 5 times before shipping, including functions, accessories, conditions and so on, ensure our units can run normally without problems.
(2) If you cannot explain your issues of unit, or offer the pictures or videos of the issue, or if our technology colleague cannot figure it out from what you reflect, we need you to send it back to us. Joying certified technicians will test the unit as what you report. If it is true, your issue will be disposed as quality issue. If the problem doesn't happen during our test, actually it is because of your misuse or improper environment and so on, it will not be taken as quality issue. Joying will offer a video or some pictures to show unit work well for your reference. For the good unit we accept the refund or exchange as above process.

Kindly Remind
1. The custom tax will be responsible by recipient.
2. The cost of installation and problem test by someone else isn't refundable.
3. Items returned must be in new condition with original packaging and accessories which not influence the second sale. We don't accept return's order with missing accessories , we reserve the rights to refuse refund you for such issues items. We will take pictures when we get the parcel as proof. So before you send it back, please pack it carefully to increase the safety during shipment. You are required to fill the series number before sending back.

4. Before customer choose to send the order back, customer should request our RMA first. If the parcel is against the rules of the RMA, we reserve the right to reject the parcel and send the parcel back to you all at your cost.
5. Compensation of the shipping fee
All the parcels should be sent via local post office. Scan the receipt and shipping waybill to Joying after delivery. Joying reserves the right to make the final compensation by the amount written on the receipt and the market quotations of the post office service of different countries. Joying offer a maximum payout of $20 to compensate the freight charge.
6. If any new taxes happened during the process of RMA, it is the customers' responsibility to pay.


※ 7 days- starts from the day when the recipient signed for the parcel
   30 days- starts from the day when the recipient signed for the parcel
   2 years- starts from the day when the parcel is sent.

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